Friday, November 19, 2010

Winter Fashion 2010

So I didn't finish recording & editing my Winter Fashion video but I did record some. So here are a few snapshots of the outfits to come. To be honest, I had a lot of trouble finding outfits to incorporate because I realized i didn't have much "wintery" clothes. I mean, I typically wear whatever I normally would wear and just wear a huge jacket and snow boots over it! :P
But anyways, enjoy and stay tuned for the video. Oh yea! Give me some ideas on what I should add in my winter fashion video (=

OUTFIT 1 - I read in a few magazines such as GLAMOUR that wearing knits over a sequined dress or skirt was very in style and would help tone down the "dressiness" of the sparkly dress.

I forgot to take a picture with these on, but here they are individually:

 This is a sweater from Lady Mama's Closet ;) It's from a brand called Jin and is super warm but sort of itchy :( 

Here is a blue sequined tank dress from Express. I got it in a size small but it's a bit big on me. This dress is gorgeous. The sequins look so pretty and shiny 8) 

OUTFIT TWO - I kept this outfit pretty casual, focusing on comfort and warmth.

 I'm wearing a white tank, but i suggest a long sleeved flannel shirt under a navy cardigan.
The cream, chunky, circle scarf is from H&M and has been my current obsession. It's so unbelievably warm and makes any look more effortless.
 However, the attention should go to the leggings. They're a brownish sort of color and on the bottom half there's a black and white striped design. Looks sort of weird by itself but I wore it under my Juicy Couture Boots. If you don't like this style of boots, just wear it for the warmth. Honestly, all I care about in the winter time is not getting frostbite on my toes! 

OUTFIT THREE - The animal print trend has been going around for a while and it's still in style now.

I got my leopard printed cardigan from Four Septembers and wore it as a dress. I rolled up the sleeve to reveal the white part of the inside sleeve and belted it to break up the pattern.  
 I understand that this trend can be a bit overwhelming for some. But wearing it over a neutral toned blazer can help cover the "overwhelming-ness" and make it a bit more wearable. I adjusted the cardigan so it sat a bit more loosely on my body and put on a vintage MaxMara blazer over it. 

 OUTFIT THREE - This outfit incorporates stripes, and sweaters.

 This outfit is pretty self-explanatory but I wore a plain black sweater and added a striped scarf for more drama.

 As for shoes, I put on leg warmers underneath my favorite pair of boots. This adds more texture and keeps your legs super warm!
OUTFIT FOUR - This was my more fall look because it had camel colored tones in it. However, I love camel colored tones so I know I'll definitely be incorporating it in my winter wardrobe (= 
 Ugh, this thermal shirt is sooo warm! I sort of had to take it off because it was too warm!
 A close up of these shorts from H&M.

That's it for now. Leave any trends you would like to see in the future and I'll see you guys lataaaaa!

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  1. love all of the outfits! my favorite by far is the leopard one with the brown blazer :DD