Saturday, October 30, 2010

Let the Weekend Begin!

Friday, October 29, 2010 

Today was a half day. I'm not sure if all kids in the US or other countries have this, but we basically only go to school for three hours instead of the standard six. The teachers spend the rest of the day holding parent - teacher conferences in which they can talk about how bad we are. The students on the other hand, take advantage of this and normally just chill with their friends. So today, me and a few friends gathered at my house to bum around. We've wasted so much time and money hanging around outside our whole lives we just love to stay indoors now. Julie & I, just played around with my makeup collection, as usual. At first Julie did her makeup SO bad. I wish I got a picture of her. But she legit looked like she got hit by a car .... twice. But then she took it off and put on more attractive makeup.

She basically placed some black shadow on her upper and lower lashline and set it with a metallic silver.

I think it looks awesome! I feel that whenever I line my lower lashline, it looks superrrrr emo. But it might just be because I'm not used to it. But i feel like it makes my brown eyes pop a little bit more.

For me, I put on some hooker eyeshadows. YAY! Here's how it came out.
 It's actually a lot brighter in person but i had to change outfits so it wouldn't look to 'ghetto' with my blue shadow
I used MAC - aquadisiac and a shimmery white from ELF

 I really like this look because i makes my eyes look ten times more awake and pop a lot more (: But wear this at your own risk, it's only for the days you're feeling daring.

We then just camwhored for a while before we left to meet up with friends and eat dinner at my favorite Thai restaurant.

And that was my Friday! Pretty random, I know.


Welcome ♥

AHHHH, I just reached 1000 subscribers on Youtube! Thank you guys so so so so much! I know 1000 might not seem like a lot but it feels like it was just yesterday when Julie and I were freaking out about our first subscriber! Almost exactly three months ago was when we posted our first video and look at us now! I really hope to continue making videos for you guys!
In celebration of reaching 1000 subscribers today, I decided to create a personal blog! Making videos is fun but writing things down tend to be a lot easier and faster. This is the perfect way for you guys to catch up with me on the days I don’t get to post a video. It’s also a nice place to do quick outfit posts or quickly share with y’all what I’ve been doing! It does take a while for me to record, edit and upload my videos so for sneak peeks of my upcoming videos, follow my blog ! (= 

So I’ve been thinking about what my blog name should be and I came up with “First Class Affairs.” The “affairs” part was actually from Julie. But by affairs, I mean, my life! So basically I’m giving you guys  a first class ticket into a glimpse into my life (: cheesy, i know!

But anyways, I look forward to posting up blog posts in the future!

Have a fabulous day! ♥