Saturday, April 30, 2011

Polka Dot Skirt

If it weren't for the busy print, this outfit would be very simple. I got this skirt on sale at Zara for 20 bucks. 
Here I just paired it with a simple white tee from H&M to balance out the craziness of the skirt, 
 I also wore this skirt with my thrifted silk blouse from Ann Taylor. It was 100% silk! Ca n you believe it?!
This is probably one of my favorite outfits. It's so classy

 And of course, no classy outfit is complete without a chain bag. I wore it with a pink chain bag for a nice pop of color .

As for accessories, I wore my charm necklace from Express, and a bow bracelet from F21

Hope you guys enjoyed (= 
xoxo, Eveleen

If I Were A Boy

Sorry for not posting in a while /: But, I've been studying for tests and it has just been so crazy. So to make up for it, I'm going to bombard you guys with outfit posts. Hope you don't mind (;

Julie says this shirt reminds her of a boy's tee ... but in a good way. 
This oversized tee was one of my fav finds from Goodwill . And it only cost 4 bucks !

 I love wearing oversized things as dresses and this was no exception. Though it was too short to wear as a dress by itself I just wore plain old jean shorts underneath so no one would see my hoo-ha.
 I slipped on some sheer tights since it was going to be a rainy day and also paired it off with my brown oxfords. This outfit was effortless and very simple (=
For accessories I paired it off with a black and white bracelet from H&M and my usual pearl bracelet. 

xoxo, Eveleen 

A Pop of Turquoise

 Quick outfit post. I love how this white cardigan has short sleeves and has a nice navy trim. I just know I'll be wearing this cardigan a lot this spring. Paired it with a simple cream tank top. And black leggings underneath for a nice contrast.
 As for accessories I paired it with a gold leaf necklace since the outfit was so plain. And for a pop of turquoise I have on my turquoise ring from H&M and a turquoise rose bracelet my dad got me ages ago. 
On my nails I have OPI's Strawberry Margarita. A nice fun fuchsia pinky color.

xoxo, Eveleen

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Newspaper Nails

So my sister showed me a picture of a girl's nails (here) . And I was so fascinated I wanted to learn how to do it! This was my first attempt so it's definitely not anywhere near perfect. 
What You'll Need 
- light base color
- rubbing alcohol
- newspapers
- top coat
- small dish

Tips -
1. To make the colors stand out, stick to a white base color . The nude color gives a more subtle nail art effect
2. APPLY A SORT OF MOISTURIZER TO YOUR CUTICLES. omg. The rubbing alcohol dried the living daylights out of my cuticles as you can see from the pics. So definitely find a cuticle oil to get rid of any dryness
 3. Top coat is super important because the once you're done with the nail art, your nails will have a minimal amount of sheen to it. A nice base coat will have a prettier finish .

That's it for now <3
xoxo, Eveleen

Sunday, April 3, 2011

March in Photos

Just a few pics of some things that happened in March (= 
Revlon Lipstick (Primrose); Essie Nail Polish (Marshmallow); Urban Outfitters Leaf Ring; Maybelline Quad in Sunlit Bronze; H&M Turquoise Ring; Sonia Kashuk Concealer Pallette
This is the most amazing thing my lips have ever tasted. It was sooooo good. Basically, it's a nutella candy bar and you know i love me some nutella (= the texture was so creamy and smooth, you just HAVE to try it
 Been jogging a few times whenever the weather is a bit warm. Got a pair of the cheapest sneakers I could find. LOL. They're honestly not that bad. But I just want to get fit for the summer (=

That's it for now! A little boring, yes. I'll have more pics next time <3 
xoxo, Eveleen