Sunday, April 3, 2011

March in Photos

Just a few pics of some things that happened in March (= 
Revlon Lipstick (Primrose); Essie Nail Polish (Marshmallow); Urban Outfitters Leaf Ring; Maybelline Quad in Sunlit Bronze; H&M Turquoise Ring; Sonia Kashuk Concealer Pallette
This is the most amazing thing my lips have ever tasted. It was sooooo good. Basically, it's a nutella candy bar and you know i love me some nutella (= the texture was so creamy and smooth, you just HAVE to try it
 Been jogging a few times whenever the weather is a bit warm. Got a pair of the cheapest sneakers I could find. LOL. They're honestly not that bad. But I just want to get fit for the summer (=

That's it for now! A little boring, yes. I'll have more pics next time <3 
xoxo, Eveleen

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