Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Newspaper Nails

So my sister showed me a picture of a girl's nails (here) . And I was so fascinated I wanted to learn how to do it! This was my first attempt so it's definitely not anywhere near perfect. 
What You'll Need 
- light base color
- rubbing alcohol
- newspapers
- top coat
- small dish

Tips -
1. To make the colors stand out, stick to a white base color . The nude color gives a more subtle nail art effect
2. APPLY A SORT OF MOISTURIZER TO YOUR CUTICLES. omg. The rubbing alcohol dried the living daylights out of my cuticles as you can see from the pics. So definitely find a cuticle oil to get rid of any dryness
 3. Top coat is super important because the once you're done with the nail art, your nails will have a minimal amount of sheen to it. A nice base coat will have a prettier finish .

That's it for now <3
xoxo, Eveleen