Saturday, February 26, 2011

Never Say Never

So I originally planned to do an outfit of the day but that turned into me adding a few extra outfits. One you've already seen and the other is sort of a cheat. (You'll see why later) 
But here's my first outfit . I wore this to see the JB movie :P
The weather was super nice so I was able to get away with wearing shorts and tights ! YAY ! 

 Floral Tank - Express , Blazer - H&M , Tights - Nicole Miller , 'Safety' Shorts - Zara 
Cant really see the shorts but they're just there so no one can see my cootchie

& on the bottom I wore my Aldo oxfords (=
Another way to wear it was by just tucking in the short to reveal my shorts and adding a belt ! 

 I was actually inspired by a picture on tumblr for this outfit, and i think i did a pretty nice job recreating it (=
 yupp (= that's it for now ! I'll see you guys soon 
xoxo, Eveleen

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Too Cold for Ice Cream?

My camera broke today :'( it was a canon sd1100 i believe. The lens wouldn't retract while i was play backing a video. ARGH. so frustrated. do any of you know how to fix it ? anyways. here's an outfit I wore recently.

just a simple tee tucked into a pair of camel colored shorts.
I also paired this outfit with my brown ALDO oxfords which I have been dying to wear ever since I got them. Now that the weather's nicer and the snow has slowly started to melt, I can finally wear these babies out ! (=

 Oh, and my favorite thing to eat right now is the STARBUCKS Java Chip Frap Ice Cream. SO DELISH. I'm not that big of a fan of their java chip drink, but oddly i really enjoy this ice cream. A nice treat to myself every monday while I watch Gossip Girl (;

 xoxo, Eveleen

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Optical Illusion

 I went to Brooklyn over the weekend to go thrift store shopping with Suah. However, I didn't get much :'( But I did have a lovely time at this thai restaurant. The interior was so nice! There was a nice big pond-ish structure in the middle of the restaurant as well as wooden swings and big bubble chairs. The food was quite nice, not spectacular but not horrific.

 I also started recording a few outfit of the days this week, so stay tuned for that! (= The outfits have been winter with a few spring pieces just because the weather has been getting warmer. So excited for spring! (= Probably one of my favorite seasons along with fall.
 Here, I'm wearing a black romper with pretty brass buttons. I paired it with a striped blazer from H&M.

Close up of the tights . These are from Nicole Miller

I love this blazer. But be careful! If you stare at it for too long, you might get a bit dizzy ;)

That's it for now!
xoxo, Eveleen