Saturday, February 19, 2011

Too Cold for Ice Cream?

My camera broke today :'( it was a canon sd1100 i believe. The lens wouldn't retract while i was play backing a video. ARGH. so frustrated. do any of you know how to fix it ? anyways. here's an outfit I wore recently.

just a simple tee tucked into a pair of camel colored shorts.
I also paired this outfit with my brown ALDO oxfords which I have been dying to wear ever since I got them. Now that the weather's nicer and the snow has slowly started to melt, I can finally wear these babies out ! (=

 Oh, and my favorite thing to eat right now is the STARBUCKS Java Chip Frap Ice Cream. SO DELISH. I'm not that big of a fan of their java chip drink, but oddly i really enjoy this ice cream. A nice treat to myself every monday while I watch Gossip Girl (;

 xoxo, Eveleen

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