Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween 2010

It's normally tradition for me and my two besterest friends to celebrate Halloween together. We originally weren't planning on going trick - or - treating. 

Reasons why we didn't plan on going trick or treating 
1. We're 19483048310 billion years old.
2. We do not have any costumes
3. It's cold outside
4. We do not want to walk

So we stayed at my house, again, and attempted to give each other "Halloween inspired makeovers." That's code for "Give Your Best Friend the Worst Makeover of her Life." And while doing so, we watched Chucky
Yea ... that was a really pathetic movie. Sorry to Chucky fans. I'm not sure which one I saw, but it had a boy named Andy (i think) as a character. It was really frustrating to watch because :
2. The cop was practically knocked out after the doll hit him with a bat ... 
3. Chucky was burned alive, shot at five billion times, beaten and still managed to be more functioning than the cop. 
4. The mother kept leaving the poor innocent boy alone with Chucky. 

At around 7-ish, we decided last minute that we were going to go trick - or - treating because :
1. Who cares if we're 19483048310 billion years old
2. We wanted candy 
3. We wanted candy

So Julie & Christy dressed up as cats while I decided to go as a pinup girl. We were wearing big coats so our costumes didn't even matter. The main component to our last minute "costumes" was the makeup.

 So how'd it turn out? Did our desperate last minute costumes pull through? Yupp! I got tons of candy which i stole from Christy and Julie. Enough to last me the rest of this month (:
How was your Halloween?

P.S. I need to learn to take more pictures. I never take any pictures :( Hopefully having a blog will motivate me to take more


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  1. why a picture of Chucky.........! You scared me to death! Chucky used to give me nightmares when I was a kid lol.