Friday, November 5, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 Fashion

Yay! My favorite time year is slowly arriving. It seems like it was just yesterday when i started my junior year. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's are probably my favorite holidays. Just because you get to spend it with your family and friends. To be honest, my family doesn't go all out for these holidays. Instead we just all stay home and eat a big home cooked meal. YUM (= And I'm fine with just that! Especially with my sister gone half the time for college, it's really rare for all of us to be together. 

I put together two outfits for you guys, and I hope it helps you choose what you'll be wearing for this Thanksgiving. 

Striped Shirt - HM; Burgundy Skirt - Urban Outfitters; Black Leggings - Target

 I love the look of stripes and a basic piece, as well as the color combo. The rich burgundy-ish colored skirt really complements the brown stripes (=

 This second outfit is from an online store called Four Septembers . The dress is called the "Black and Black Floral Dress" The quality is very nice and the floral print just screams fall dress (=

Dress - Four Septembers; Belt - Taiwan; Leggings - Target

 Dress without the belt

 I really like the v-neck back. Very subtle, but fashionable at the same time.

 I really like the v-neck back. Very subtle, but fashionable at the same time.

Check out these links, for updates on promo codes and new shipments if you're interested ! 

 So hopefully, this post helped inspire you guys! And I leave you guys with a few quirky pictures :P 



  1. adorable outfits! as i saw on your video haha
    check out my blog?

    thaanks :DD

  2. if you don't mind would you please upload a picture of the full outfit like with your whole body up to your feet? it would give me better feel about the length. thank you