Thursday, March 3, 2011

H&M Orange Dress Review

Here is a review on the H&M dress featured in my last video. You can click on the pictures for a better view. But basically, it's a nice orange-y color that's made out of a very nice quality chiffon.

The neckline is high so you can stay nice and classy. There is some cinching at the bottom which is followed by some ruffles which gives for a very feminine touch to the dress.

What I Love About this Dress
Color - The shade of orange is perfect for both spring and fall.
High Neckline & Dress Length - Perfect balance between the two. The neckline makes up for the length of the dress which keeps you looking very classy.
Perfect for Different Body Types - This is really good for those who don't want to flash their boobs, are a little concerned with their stomach, love handles and mid-body area. The dress is nice and flowy so it covers up any concerns you might have.
Perfect for those who want to show off their - Arms and legs.

Overall I really recommend this dress for just about everybody. It's around 30 bucks and the quality is very nice. It's hard to come by a dress that can take you to two seasons ! Check out your local H&M

xoxo, Eveleen


  1. I love love love the color of the dress! i've been looking for something in that color. and i love how you pair it with that leather jacket toughen it up.

  2. love it!!
    this style is so cute...=D

  3. I love your style Eveleen! I have been looking for a dress like this with a burnt-ish orange color. unfortunately there aren't many H&M stores around here. you look adorable!

  4. lovely dress!

  5. The dress looks beautiful on you!

  6. this dress looks really pretty on you! orange is a good colour for you.