Saturday, March 19, 2011

Soho Park

Soho Park
62 Prince St
(between Lafayette St & Crosby St)
New York, NY 10012
Spent the afternoon at Soho. We were starving so we stopped by Soho Park to grab a bite to eat. 

Atmosphere - Soho Park was cafeteria style which is basically stand in line, order, pay and someone will deliver the food to your table. You get these really cute license plates for your ticket number and the waiters were quite friendly when serving us. We went during the lunch hour and it was really packed. Took us a while to find a seat and we finally just opted for one of the few outdoor seats. The weather was very nice so it was perfect. 

Food & Price - As for the food, the portions look really small to me at first, but I was induced into a deep food coma after I was finished. The price was between 10 - 15 bucks which is good for a quick bite in the city. In my opinion, the iced coffee was expensive since they gave it in a small cup and didn't taste all that great either. No matter how much sugar or milk i added, it was still incredibly bitter. :'( Also, they slyly added money to my order. The register asked if I wanted cheese in my burger and I thought that it would be at no charge since she asked so casually. So I said sure. Little did I know she added a few extra dollars to the receipt. 

Left to Right - Park Cheese with Fries with nasty coffee on the side, and Park Cheese with Fries again (= and Buffalo Wings

The burger was nice. Definitely not one of the best I've ever had but it was very nice. Julie really liked her buffalo wings and they look deslish but I'm just a sucker for buffalo wings. The fries were really nice. Different from others. 

Verdict - All in all, this was a nice place to grab a quick bite. One might like how crowded it was or not. The outdoor seating was nice, though you might be sitting next to a smoker, which is understandable since you are outside. I would pass on the coffee but the burger and fries are def something I would order again.

xoxo, Eveleen


  1. love love love it!!!!
    great style
    follow u now!

  2. Aw I wish I lived in New York! Ya'll are so cute.

  3. I went there to eat whilst I was in New York for a 4day art trip ^__^