Sunday, January 29, 2012

Erica's Arm Candy

Check it out! My sister finally made a blog dedicated to her handcrafted jewelry. Spent the last month watching her locked up making jewelry for herself, but she finally made a little site! 
You might've seen them in my videos or previous posts. Have been obsessed with stacking bracelets and am sure it will be a trend, if it isn't already, this year. In my opinion, I think these bracelets are wearable for everyday and go with just about everything since I have worn most of these on a daily basis. But then again, I may be bias since she is my sister (;

 The Mona . This one is named after my mommie cus she likes it a lot too. But I've seen this one all over blogs and have been wearing this one a lot as well. 

 The Evie . This one is named after ME ! (= I LOVE this bracelet. Haven't taken it off since I got it. I eat, sleep and shower in this one. 

This is the Classic Chain Bracelet. Its simple but comes in different finishes and is a great layering piece. I wear this one all the time with the Evie. 
This one was the most recent. It's the Alyssa and I might actually like this as much as the Evie for it's dainty-ness. It looks super elegant and simple but I LOVE the gold finish. It looks extremely nice with my other bracelets since this one is much thinner and is a nice contrast.

Hope you guys enjoyed these pieces and check her out ! 

xoxo, eveleen


  1. LOVEEEEEEE the first one :)

  2. Beautiful! They would look amazing together!