Sunday, September 25, 2011

Summer 2011 Photo Library

 A compilation of my summer in Taiwan.

 Hi - Life, 7 Eleven, Family Mart, Ok Mart. Just one of the many convenience located literally on each block. Super convenient and probably ate half my wallet. Had snacks and drinks, perfect for a quick bite.

 My favorite passion fruit drink. Never knew I had such an obsession with passion fruit. Never actually tried the fruit by itself. A little scary looking for me. But at any drink store, I would always order passion fruit with tapioca.

 One of the many breath-taking views in Taiwan. Was lucky enough to wake up to this view for the first few days of camp. It never gets old.

 Tofu. A lot of people think its gross, but I LOVE it. There are so many ways to eat it ! Here, it's fried.

 More tofu.

 Ah, shaved ice. If I could, I would open a shaved ice store since it's basically water with just a pinch of toppings on top. Easy profit! But it's still delish and comes with an endless amount of possibilities !

 Poor piggy.

Enough pictures, let's get on with the outfit! I got all these things from Taiwan. Everything was incredibly cheap. I would probably get my money's worth through just one or two wears 

Wore a blue lace tank on top of a nude cami. Tucked into a pair of green high-waisted shorts with a black bow belt.

Big hobo bag and cream loafers

That's it. Next post will include an outfit and more food (=

xoxo, eveleen

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