Monday, September 5, 2011

Taiwan Foodie Adventures - Ding Tai Fung & Cold stone Creamery

Long time no see. It's been ages since I've posted here, but I did want to pop in and say hello and sort of give you guys a glimpse on what's been going on. As you probably know from my videos, I went to Taiwan this summer and had an amazing time. Definitely an unforgettable experience. Decided to share with you guys a few photos on my summer over a few posts. 

On one of the wonderful days in Taiwan, I went to Ding Tai Fung at one of the Sogo malls in Taipei. This is a very well-known restaurant and they were even going to open one in the states. 

 They are known for their soup dumplings which I obviously had to try.

 Also had some fried rice, of course. I also had some sweet and sour soup (not shown).

 Afterwards, I went to the Cold Stone Creamery to try out their ice cream which was delish! 

xoxo, Eveleen

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